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Who We Are?

We only work for employers that is managers, business owners, directors and senior management teams.

We reduce risks, improve efficiency and cut costs with commercially driven services delivered by our highly skilled team of human resource management specialists, employment law experts and health & safety practitioners.

Day-to-day human resources, employment law and health & safety issues and legal challenges will no longer get in the way of your growth as success comes with our commercial solutions. By working closely with you, we align our services to your business strategy. New ways of thinking and best practice will improve your management methods with expert project management and on-going support on all aspects of our services:

We offer flexible packages and support services on a contract or no contract basis. All our excellent services are underpinned by a fantastic AXA Indemnity scheme.

Contact us today to discuss your needs on or call 0845 230 3213.

AXA Indemnity Scheme

We have also teamed up with AXA to offer you a fantastic insurance indemnity scheme.


For total protection and complete peace of mind, our insurance can be added to any of our services to cover your business against any employment law actions, compensation claims and legal fees.

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