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HR Law Easy Answers Ltd

HR Law Easy Answers: Protecting your business                                           

HR Law Easy Answers will ensure your business...

HR Law Easy Answers: Protecting your business                                           

HR Law Easy Answers will ensure your business operates and complies with Employment Law. Most companies have nothing or very little in place to protect their business and reputation.

Why do you need protection?

The reason is employing people is not as straight forward as it used to be. Employers in the UK face a constant battle to keep up to date with laws and responsibilities, litigious workforces, increased tribunals claims, legal bills and compensation awards when things go wrong.

                                           INTRICATE  LEGAL  WORLD

We live in an increasingly intricate legal world, in which the rights of the individual are paramount.  Keeping up to date with in employment law, whilst running a successful business is often nigh-on impossible. Managing your employment obligations is often low on the list of priorities and easily overlooked, Unfortunately this can lead to involved legal challenges, which can prove costly in terms of reputation as well as financially.


As an employer, there is often no, or very little, margin for error when it comes to dealing with your employees. That is where HR Law Easy Answers can help you. If you are, an employer concerned about managing staff relations HR Law Easy Answers can provide the answers to your legal responsibilities.

HR Law Easy Answers are a professional, experienced legal team with countless success stories and can provide a range of services to your business which include:

Provide quality support and assistance by email or telephone.

Ensure that your business complies with UK employment law.

Write your Company employment policy and procedures.

Provide training courses and seminars on employment topics.                  

Defend Employment Tribunal claims made against your organisation.

Provide training on employment law: and

Much, much more


Forget lengthy contractual agreements with expensive employment law consultancies, which require you, sign for years charging you monthly for services you may never need. 

HR Law Easy Answers will ensure you are compliant as a matter of urgency leaving you to concentrate on your business without you having to sign any lengthy contracts. Best of all we talk and write in plain English. We will not confound you with legal jargon or non-committal advice.

Do you need help now? Have a potential tribunal and need help?

To find out more please browse our website or feel free to speak with a member of staff on telephone 0845 230 3213 for a free initial discussion about your current requirements. 

  • Changes to Employment Law in April 2015
    Shared Parental Leave Employees with
  • Adoption Leave
    Adoption Leave Four changes will be made
  • Parental Leave
    Parental Leave Parental Leave is unpaid
  • National Insurance Contributions
    National Insurance Contributions From 6
  • Rates of Statutory Maternity/Adoption/Paternity Pay
    Rates of Statutory Maternity/Adoption/Paternity
  • Statutory Sick Pay
    Statutory Sick Pay From 6 April 2015, the
  • NMW October 2014
    National minimum wage rises to 6.50 per

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